Pricing for Small Businesses

Whether you are a owner operator or have 20 employees, our pricing is simple, transparent, and adapts to the size of your business today and tomorrow.

Owner Operator
$39.95 per month  
$35.95 per month billed yearly one payment $431.40
  • Custom Estimates/Invoices/Work Orders
  • Online Payments
  • Job Notifications/Reminders
  • Track Expenses/Profit & Loss
  • Marketing (Text/Voicemail/Email)
  • Integrate Google Calendar
  • QuickBooks Integration
  • Lead Management
  • Easy to use Mobile App
Teams $5.00 per employee/month plus base price $39.95/month plus base price $35.95/month
  • Employee Job Reminders
  • Job Checklist
  • Employee Chat
  • Employee Role/Access
  • GPS Locations Tracker
  • Clock-In/Out
  • Employee Mobile App
  • Payroll Reports
  • Job Scheduler/Assignments
Prices are listed in USD. By using Markate, you agree to our terms and policies.
  • Customers Management Customer information is stored within the dashboard. You can easily find addresses with directions and maps for clear navigation.
  • Schedule You create and control the schedule for customers and employees.
  • Schedule Employee View Setup schedules for your team. You control who sees a specific schedule.
  • Estimate Standard/Options/Packages Build any category of custom estimates with your company logo, contact information, terms and conditions, and more.
  • Invoice Online Payments Payments are safely and securely deposited through our Square, Stripe, Paypal and Authorize.Net integrated processors. Please contact us if you don’t see your processor listed, we are adding new ones all the time.
  • Invoices: One-time, Schedule and Recurring Design any category of custom invoices with your company logo, contact information, terms and conditions, and payment types. Track and record payments card, cash and check payments.
  • Invoices & Payments Record and track card, cash or check payments.
  • Credit Notes Add a credit for a current or future service.
  • Work Orders Add a task or a job for a customer that can be scheduled or assigned to you or to a team member. The order may be from a customer, created from an online booking, or created within the company.
  • Work Orders/Scheduler A work order is a task or a job for a customer that can be scheduled for you or team member to complete.
  • Recurring Work Orders Ongoing or regularly scheduled services can be set one time.
  • Jobs Bird Eye View Monitor all jobs scheduled.
  • Job Checklists Consistency is important. Never miss a detail by setting up Job Checklist(s). Send with work orders for residential or commercial business.
  • Task Tracker Check off completed tasks as you go.
  • Expenses Record expenses as you go. No pile of receipts at the end of the week. Conveniently attach receipts and track mileage where needed. Seamlessly convert customer expenses into invoices.
  • Track mileage Automatically tracks your drives and records.
  • Recurring Expenses No need to enter the same expenses each day, week or month. Automatically add the repeated expense. Conveniently attach receipts. Seamlessly convert customer expenses into invoices.
  • Leads Leads are how you grow your business. Markate securely maintains all contact information with map navigation connected to the address. Save time and energy looking for directions.
  • Schedule Leads After entering a contact, schedule a job from the palm of your hand.
  • Employee Management Manage your team from the palm of your hand. Schedules, locations and work orders all in one place.
  • Employee Time Log Employees can clock-in and –out from their phone. Owners view all activity from their dashboard.
  • Employee Mobile App Timesaving and convenient, each employee can download Markate to their phone to clock-in and –out. See job orders, complete checklists, and close jobs.
  • Track Location Owners need to know where and when their employees are working. Location tracking allows owners to see at a glance where job activity is happening.
  • Employees Role and Access Not all employees have the same role or need the same access to information. Owners can assign roles and activate features as needed.
Business Reports & Insights
  • Sales Reports Predesigned reports are set up for your convenience. You can easily modify each report or create new reports for your business needs. Categories include payments types, received, items, materials, products, repeat business, demographics, forecast, invoice, and refunds.
  • Receivables Reports A robust list of account receivables reports are set up for you to use on day one. The system is flexible and allows you to create custom reports for your business. Categories include invoice by date, item type, and aging summary and commercial vs residential.
  • Expenses Reports Extensive lists of expense report types are part of preset features with a filter option to breakdown information important to you. Categories include date, customer, work order, expenses linked to work orders and vendor to name a few.
  • Estimates Reports Save time with our predesigned estimate reports including estimate summary, conversion rate and sales commission.
  • Customers Reports Conduct a deep dive into your customer profiles and their service needs with over eleven template reports including customer groups, sources, demographics source, birthday, job aging, lead conversion and discounts
  • Employees Reports Payroll is the largest expense for any business. Assess payroll expenses easily and efficiently as soon as you activate Markate. Your payroll summary, details by employee, sales commission reports and weekly schedules are waiting for you to access.
  • Time Log Reports Time logs are essential to measure productivity. We provide preset time period summary and clock-in-out reports.
  • Work Order Reports Read status reports on every job in your account.
  • Customizable Dashboard Monitor your business with a format that is useful to you. Gain insight as to how your business is growing by setting up your dashboard with information that helps decision making move faster.
  • Share a Job Build your own network, share a job, and track the commission.
  • Email/Text (SMS) Templates Markate set up the format, just add your company information and emails are ready to send.
  • Email Branding Customize your email messages with your logo, contact information terms and conditions.
  • Email Notifications Let your customers know you are on your way, send an invoice, send a thank you note. The email feature is flexible to meet your needs.
  • Text (SMS) Notifications Not everyone reads email; utilize the Markate text notifications for those customers on the go just like you.
  • Files Vault All customer and project information is safely stored in the files vault.
  • Activity Log Owners can see all activity happening in the account. Filters are available for specific activities.
  • Cards on File Returning customers will appreciate your secure recordkeeping. Maintain recurring customers’ cards on file.
  • Business Profile Page Enter all your company information on the profile page to save time when setting up templates.
  • Work Pictures/Before & After Photos Show your customers your awesome work with before and after photos. Markate provides storage space for photos. Utilize them at a later time for marketing and sales endeavors.

Value Add-Ons

Choose what's needed for your business - aLa carte

Need more reviews?

Ask for Reviews

Now you can generate more reviews with ease through email and text (SMS) to build trust among your customers.

  • Instant job reviews after job complete
  • Turn customer reviews into a competitive edge
  • Automate texts & avoid hesitation to Ask
  • Establish your social proof & credibility
  • The new word of mouth referral
  • Drive leads to your business by generating customer reviews
$10 /month
Connect to your preffered app to Get More Reviews. Build a Great Reputation, create social media buzz and improve your SEO and win more sales.

Take customer bookings online

Online Booking

Customers can schedule service through your website seamlessly with Markate.

  • Up to 60% more revenue by taking appointments 24/7 from all your communication touchpoints
  • Automatic scheduling, notifications, and reminders
  • Collect deposits at the time of booking
  • Set minimum booking charges and customized booking experience for your customers
  • Easy to integrate, configure, use, and customize
$10 /month
Connect to you favorite quoting software to help you win more jobs and make more money.

Connect Your Leads to Your Website

Lead Contact Form

Capture and nurture leads to close the sale.

  • Prevent losing qualified leads
  • Integrate forms anywhere on your website
  • Help your website visitors reach you
$10 /month

Missing customer text responses?

Virtual Number

Select your local Virtual Number to send out all your Text notifications, Estimates and Invoices.

  • No hardware, devices, or contracts
  • Keep personal, and business calls separate
  • It helps establish a professional brand
  • Communicate via one business number to customers
  • Never miss a customer text again
$10 /month

Missing customer phone calls?

Call Forwarding

Gain the flexibility to forward calls to cell phones, office phones, or other devices.

  • Never miss a call with customized call forwarding
  • Our user-friendly software puts call forwarding entirely in your control.
$10 /month

Slow season? Boost your revenue

Promotional Blast

Running a deal for a short period gives customers that extra jolt to act fast and buy now. And businesses see results.

  • Run Flash Sales, Seasonal Promotions, Coupons
  • Slow Business Days? No Way! Run a Flash Deal
  • Target new customers and get repeat business
  • Build new market segments
  • Activate inactive customers
$10 /month

Customer Self-service options

Customer Portal

Your branded customer portal is a secure, mobile-ready site that provides your customers with a single point of access to schedules, invoices, quotes, and online payments.

  • Customer account info all in one place
  • Improve internal and customer communication
  • Look & Feel BIG!
  • Customer self-service options
  • Improve visibility and access to real-time information (24/7)
$10 /month

Win more business using professional business proposals

Proposal Kit

Save time and win more business using predesigned, industry-specific business proposal templates.

  • Create proposals that will close the deal because people judge a book by its cover!
  • Beat the competition with your personalized proposal.
  • Provide a BIG company feel with a customized proposal that only takes a few clicks to submit.
  • Make the right first impression with proven templates.
  • Dominate your sales presentation with customized layouts and photos
$10 /month

Connect your favorite apps


Welcome to the future of productivity, where useful features and your favorite app integrations are connected easily from Markate.

Connect Markate to hundreds of other web services through Zapier. No coding required.

$10 /month

Need a solution to manage better project photos to your business?


Photo-based solution created for contractor business workflow.

  • Improve documentation productivity by 45%, decrease rework by 25%
  • Improve communications with photos with timestamp to clients and crew members increasing visibility and reducing the risk of miscommunications through real-time updates on job status
  • Help leads conversion with real time photos at job site by saving sales teams time for new business Proposal generation
  • Smart Photos - Easy attach project pictures in Estimations, Invoices with customers
  • Annotate photos with drawings, arrows, comments, and tags
  • Document Before/After pictures to clients with timestamp
$10 /month

Pros Love Markate

On-demand Marketing Features

Helping you to nurture and grow customers

Text Blast

Text marketing campaigns made easy!

Take advantage of text's 98% open rate with SMS marketing campaigns that get a real response, and measurable results. Convert conversations into customers!

  • Easy way to send a single text message to all or part of your customer groups at once.
  • Select your customer groups, write your text message, and schedule a time to SEND.
  • Tailor campaigns to your specific needs.
  • Send effective text with Opt-out function.(with STOP reply option)
  • Markate clients report an average return of 850% on their SMS marketing investment.
$10 + sms rates apply

Email Blast

Promote your business to the targeted customers at the right time!

Broadcast emails are scheduled email campaigns that get sent to a large group of customers at once.

  • Improve your sales by targeting a group of your customers to align content with exactly what they need.
  • Boost your sales with flash sales & promotions emails
  • Cost- effective - the costs of email marketing can be much lower than many other forms of marketing. (Higher ROI)
  • Measurable - you can evaluate the success of a campaign by using Click through analytics.
  • Improve communication to keep your customers informed
$10 /2,000 emails

Postcard Blast

Grow your business with Custom postcard marketing!

Save time in using our pre built templates, target and have us print, stamp and deliver Postcards for you.

  • 90% of Millennials think direct mail advertising is reliable (USPS)
  • Use Postcard Advertising to Sustain Customer Relations
  • Memorable - Give your customers something to remember you by
  • It gives your business a Unique Way to Stand Out
$0.90 /jumbo postcard (8.3" x 5.8") includes postage

Voicemail Blast

Deliver pre-recorded ringless voicemail messages directly to your Customers.

Non-interruptive And Efficient way To Provide Quality Voice Message.

  • Quality control - record the perfect message, target customers and Set time to send.
  • Reduce annoying phone calls with ringless voicemails.
  • 92% open and listen to their voicemails.
  • Direct-To-Cell messaging has a lower consumer complaint rate than even live associates.
$10 setup fees + $0.20 per voicemail drop

Something on your mind?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between paying monthly and paying annually?

If you pay monthly, you pay $39.95/month and if you pay annually, you pay $35.95/month (10% savings).

What types of payment do you accept?

We take Credit Card Payments and accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. For more information, please contact

How do I get billed after 30 days if I chose a monthly plan?

You can set up for automatic payments each month, which will be automatically charged to your credit card at the end of your monthly plan for uninterrupted service. Or, we’ll send you a reminder email with a link to pay when the next billing payment is due.

Is my data safe?

Yes - Markate runs in a secure server with all communication over an encrypted data connection similar to that used by banks. We are PCI compliant (certified by Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover), we do not store passwords and we do not store credit card information.

How many employees can I add?

You can add as many employees as you want, each additional employee costs $5.00 per month.

Is there a contract?

There is no contract. You can choose month to month payment or pay upfront annually to save 24%.

Can I add and delete employees by myself?

Yes, you can add additional employees simply by paying for additional team members as needed. If you want to remove an employee, you will need to contact us.

What happens to my data and access when my subscription ends?

If your subscription ends - either because it expires, or because you decide to cancel - your access to Markate account, web access and Mobile access will be fully turned off. To avoid restricted access to your account due to failed renewal, card declined; we send instant notification as soon as we failed to process your Card on file. We do offer auto charge feature to setup automatic billing. We also suggest upgrading to yearly plan to avoid service disruption due to Subscription renewal issues. If you wish to cancel or Terminate your subscription—back up your data, send email to to export your data.

Do you offer any training? What do I do if I need help?

Yes, Markate has a complete support staff to assist you.

From our experience, the app is pretty self-explanatory but we are here to help.

Some options include:

Setting up training sessions virtually or over the phone, and we will walk you through anything you need assistance with.

Contact us during our business hours: Mon through Fri 9-5 PST at 480.360.1360

Use the support widget to chat with us (usually a 10-30 minute response time)

Email us at

Use the knowledge base and videos.

Joining the Markate Facebook Community gives you access to learn about many features and allows you to communicate with other members, along with Markate support staff.

You can also watch videos on our Markate Facebook Page and Youtube.

How does the free trial work?

For 14 days you get full access to all of Markate’s features—no credit card required during the free trial period.

Once your trial period is over, you will be billed for the plan that best fits your business.

When you're nearing the end of your trial we’ll send you a reminder to enter your billing information to ensure uninterrupted service. You can enter your billing information on your account billing page. If your account does expire before you enter your billing information don’t worry, nothing will be deleted. You can access your account billing page to enter your info and continue using the software.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can contact us at to cancel your subscription or not pay for continued service. Please note that we do not offer refunds for cancellation before the end of a billing period.

Try Markate now!

No contract, Free data transfers and Product demos.

Unlimited support through email, phone, or live chat.