Tri-Tek Electronics

Mesa, AZ
Services Offered
Electronics (Commercial) Security Network (Commercial)
Servicing Areas
East Valley
Tri-Tek Electronics is a distributor of a wide range of low voltage electronics supplies - including video security, commercial audio, and computer networking products and installation supplies. We work in consultation with our
customers to ensure they procure the right products at the best value to accomplish thier project requirements.

Our walk-in store in Mesa offers same-day fulfillment of video, security, and datacom project requirements to contractors, small businesses, and do-it-yourselfers alike.

Tri-Tek Electronics offers a wide selection of Industrial and Professional Electronics and Low-Voltage Communications supplies

CCTV / Video Surveillance Equipment

Home and Business Theater Supplies

Industrial Electronic Components

Professional Broadcast and Studio Supplies

Electronic and Data Communications Test Equipment

Telecom and Datacom Hardware and Supplies

Computer Peripherals and Supplies

Industrial Maintenance and Repair Supplies

Professional Tools

Popular Bulk Software Licenses

Whether you're a professional installer, in-house engineer, IT manager, or field technician, you'll find everything you need here. We offer easy lease financing on
equipment purchases, and don't forget to ask us about industrial and wholesale accounts!
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Business Credentials

Not Licensed
Not Bonded
Not Insured
Not Accredited
Business since: 2001
(16 years)


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