Royal Construction Services LLC

Phoenix, AZ
Services Offered
Carpentry - Finish Drywall Handyman Junk Removal Plumbing Carpentry - Finish (Commercial) Drywall (Commercial) Handyman (Commercial) Junk Removal (Commercial) Plumbing (Commercial)
Servicing Areas
Central/South Valley North Valley West Valley
Royal Construction Services, LLC was established in 2013 by Gilbert Baldenegro after his successful handyman business of 7 years grew to the point where a license was the next step. With over 25 years of construction experience the time was right to offer the assurance of a licensed contractor to our clients. Gilbert is a successful graduate of the Turner Construction School of Management.

Royal Construction Services has a large assortment of tools and equipment to ensure job completion in a timely manner. We also use green cleaning products as needed for projects and are actively helping our clients install solar products in their home or business location.

We love to maintain relationships with clients and look to become more than just a construction company. We want to be part of the team that provides homeowners with their dream home and business owners with a professional environment to showcase their company.

If you are looking for a Remodel or Home Renovation, ask us about the 203k Program!
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Business Credentials

State: AZ, Expires on: 2017-11-30
Class: CR61, Nr: 289032
Bonded amount: $6750
Expires on: 2017-11-30
Insured amount: $6750
Expires on: 2017-11-30
BBB Accredited
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Business since: 2006
(11 years)


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