Hjean Wms - Helpful Handy Hands

Flint, MI
Residential Services Offered
Cleaning Electrical Fence - Gate Handyman Painting Power Wash Roofing Tree Services Window Cleaning
Commercial Services Offered
Cleaning Drywall Handyman Painting Restoration Window Cleaning
Moving Services Offered
Assemble/ disassemble Wall Mount / Dismount
I offer All my new clients/customers... 34 plus years of Professional workmanship manner, to assure honest completion of your project(s).

Which is, inclusive of Scope of Work assignments via various property owners, including Federal, State, Municipalities...and private homeowners.

"I take pride in doing your Scope of Work assignments... above and beyond average expectations, with complete client/customer satisfaction."

" Doing the scope of work ...Right the First Time".

"I personally take overall pride, in completing your job, like it was my own project."

" Doing Your scope of work ...Right the First Time".

Quality Standards Always.
Excellent customer service at competitive pricing

Residential & Multiple Family Apartments Rehab/Repairs, inclusive of offering professional commercial handyman services for hotels, motels and inns throughout the hospitality industry… small business or large corporate offices, Commercial/Medical/Office buildings Cleaning.

Discover how Handy Hands makes hiring our commercial handyman service for hospitals and healthcare facilities that seemingly become effortless, with the stringent requirements of the JCAHO and Department of Health as it relates to cleanliness and disinfection/sterilization demands.

Do you have your to-do list together?
We book the work by half and whole day time periods.
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Business Credentials

Insured amount: $1000000
Expires on: 2018-04-03
Business since: 1999
(23 years)


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  • Register and Book your Project, Now.
  • No Worries, Your Project ... Done ...Professionally Insured.
  • Having a Peace of Mind...HandyHands Project...
  • I really enjoy my new full view mirror...
  • Let's tell our best friends...about our home's New look...:)
  • No stress - We made a great decision... w/HandyHands...
  • I am glad we decided on HandyHands...
  • Manifesting a better lifestyle at home and or office...
  • Call HandyHands for a Inspiring change...:)
  • Signs to look for interior walls...
  • Signs to look for ...Exterior walls/ windows...
  • Signs hidden under exterior siding walls/windows...
  • Results of rotten wood in bathroom floor tear-out...

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