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      Mailbox & Walkway Seasonal Special

      Look at your mailbox. Now, look back at this amazing before and after shot. Now back at your mailbox. Sadly, your mailbox does not look like it should and now you hate it. But, if you called Washed Up and stopped letting that dirt and grime cake onto its porous surface, it could look basically brand new again. Use this super awesome special offer to take advantage of our seasonal mailbox/walkway curb appeal offering as a standalone order or as an add-on to other services you're already considering.

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      Soft Wash - Siding, Roofs, Delicate Surfaces

      Is that dirt and grime overwhelming the curb appeal of your beautiful home? Our unique Soft Wash process will restore your exterior to as close to new as possible without any unnecessary wear and tear that comes from traditional pressure washing.

      $0.35/sq. ft.
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      Pressure Wash - Flat Surfaces

      Driveways and other surfaces get dirty and gross over time due to the porous nature of the surface acting like a sponge and absorbing just about everything it comes into contact with, except your car itself of course. This flat-rate cleaning rate delivers you with our very best, super-incredible 8 GPM 4,000 PSI pressure washing service.

      $0.25/sq. ft.
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