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  • **(MINIMUM OF $150+GST PER BOOKING) Prices are for general estimation. For bookings sooner than 48 hours please call!
  • Carpet Cleaning
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      Room/ Area

      Rooms/ areas of normal soil conditions. A room size is approximately 250 square feet or less. Rooms over 250 square feet are considered two rooms. Living rooms with dining rooms attached are considered two rooms. Rec rooms are considered two rooms and may be 3 or more depending on size. Technician can confirm exact amount before cleaning. Bedrooms with small closets are included. Walk-in closets are extra. Note: Minimum Service fee is $150

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      Includes landing and up to 15 steps Individual stairs $5 per step

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      Walk-in Closet

      For master bedrooms with walk-in closets

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      For hallways or landing areas at top of stairs

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      Area Rug Pickup and Delivery (Please Read Description)

      $50 for local pick up and delivery between Quail Ridge and Glenrosa. (Up to 5 rugs) CLEANING COST IS EXTRA: $4.00 per square foot for wool $3 per square foot for synthetic fibre (Polyester, Poly Propylene, Nylon etc.) The most thorough cleaning possible to get your rugs looking their best! Average time for cleaning and delivery 7-10 business days Please call for individual quotes on specialty rugs such as silk. We do not clean viscose rugs. Minimum service of $150

      $4.00/sq. ft.
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      Area Rug On Site Cleaning

      $1.30 per sqft Synthetic fibre area rugs ONLY that are able to be cleaned on site and do not need to be taken away. Note: Rug must be cleaned on a surface that doesn't run the risk of water damage occuring from steam overspray ie: Vinyl flooring, concrete, vinyl deck, tile etc. (Pet urine treatment extra)

      $1.30/sq. ft.
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      Commercial Carpet Cleaning (Please Call)

      Please call for free estimate as price varies depending on size of job and level of soiling. $0.20- $0.30 per sqft

  • Small Job Requests
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      Minimum Service

      For small jobs

  • Carpet Protectant (Scotch Guard Alternative)
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      Carpet Protectant (Green Guard)

      $25 per room/area (up to 250sqft) Unlike traditional scotch guard that uses toxic fluoro chemical compounds to achieve its results - Green Guard is an environmentally friendly alternative. It is certified green to protect your carpets from staining and re-soiling without using harmful chemicals. This increases the time between cleanings and extends the life of your carpet.

  • Upholstery
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      $45 per cushion Synthetic material only (Polyester, Polypropylene, nylon) no cotton or natural fibres

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      3 seater standard synthetic fibre sofa Add 20$ if it has a chaise

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      Love Seat

      2 seater love seat with attached or detachable cushions

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      La-z-boy style recliner

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      Sofa Chair/ Arm Chair

      Non reclining sofa or arm chair that is upholstered front and back.

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      Mattress Cleaning

      Mattress cleaning of both sides

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      Deep cleaning of ottoman or foot stool

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      Dining Room Chair

      Seat and back of chair

  • Tile & Grout Cleaning / Sealing
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      Tile & Grout Cleaning / Sealing (Please Call for Estimate)

      Cleaning of porcelain tile in kitchens, bathrooms, entry ways etc. (Floors only no showers or walls) We do not clean natural stone at this time. Please call for free estimate as each job varies and measurements need to be taken.

  • Rv's / Auto's
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      RV cleaning of carpets and upholstery starting at 200$ (Driver and passenger seat, eating area upholstery and floor carpets throughout) Additional areas extra.

  • Pet Treatment & Deodorization
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      Pet Stain Treatment & Deodorization

      $30 per room on top of room charge. We use an ultraviolet light to see how contaminated the area is and treat it accordingly. If it is extreme the price may increase as different methods may be required. We will go over options with you before any work is completed.

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      For stubborn general odour issues. Green certified and safe for people with asthma and other sensitivities to scents (Included with pet treatment)

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