These time slots are arrival window times. Technicians are scheduled for 2 hours per time slot. Technician provide at least a 30 minute notification of their arrival.
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      System Check

      Verify if controller is working as it should. Assed each zone for any deficiencies that may exist. Technician will be able to adjust spray coverage and unclogged various nozzles. The number of heads on each zone is based on the size of the water meter. A 8 zone Irrigation systems with 4 - 6 heads per zone should be able to complete the task in under 1 hour. Irrigation system with 14 -16 zone will take twice as long. After the first hour, the hourly rate is apply on the half hour basis.

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      Controller 101

      Review with the customer how to operate the controller and their role of conserving water. Recommendations will be provided for each zones and times of the year.

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      Buying a house

      Perform an inspection and review all code requirements for the irrigation system. This is especially true of home built prior to 2003. New codes were implemented and exist system were given 2 year grace period. These new codes requirement are major work, there are no quick fixes without having hot spots in your yard. This assessment could provide a valuable item at the negotiating table. Plus, identify any other deficiencies in the irrigation system that may exist.

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      Installation of wireless Rain/Freeze Sensor

      A Code requirement, used to communicate with the controller to tell it not to come on during define weather conditions. Settings range for temperature can be from 41 - 33 degrees and Water culmination from 1/8" to 1/2".

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      Irrigation Design

      Provide an irrigation design for the property. The following item will be identify: head locations with size of nozzles, valve location and gpm per zone, mainline and lateral line location, Backflow preventer location, controller, wire path and Rain and Freeze Sensor. Material take-off will be provided based on the design. Any changes made in the field will effect the outcome. Large lot sizes and those with larger water meter will cost more.

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