Services We Provide

List of our services.

  • Plumbing
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      toilet replacment

      Remove and install new toilet (toilet not included) Any additional repairs to toilet flange or supply line is a extra charge.

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      kitchen Faucet replacment

      replace existing kitchen faucet with a new faucet any repairs to sink, water supply or drain will be extra (faucet not included)

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      garbage desposile replacement

      replace existing garbage disposal no repairs to plumbing or electric and additional repairs will be extra (disposal not included)

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      auger clogged toilet

      clear a blocked toilet with toilet auger or plunger. removal of toilet not included

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      snake vanity sink

      snake vanity sink Up to 25ft of pipe

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      snake main drain

      cable lateral

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      laundy sink pump

      installation of laundry tub pump. pump not included in price

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      sewer scope inspection

      inspect 200 ft of pipe recorded video

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      replace toilet flapper

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      replace sump pump

      replace existing sump pump and check valve price is not including pump

  • Electrical
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      Ceiling fan replacment/ install

      Install or replace existing fan with existing electric (fan not included)

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      replace outlet

      remove old outlet and replace with new ( 150 dollar minimum)

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      Replace vanity light

      remove and install new light fixture with pre existing box and wire any modifications will be extra ( light fixture not included)

  • handy man
karl Heiland
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