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      Carpet Cleaning

      Big Deal 4 rooms ,,, 99.99 include stairs (free hallways) that service is basic cleaning, what it include? vacumm, pre -spray ,, steam cleaning

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      Carpet Cleaning Full House

      Full House any size , Deep cleaning ,, include scruber carpet , remove all soiled , most stains and spot ,,, ( pet treatment is available extra charge) (THIS IS RECOMEND CARPET DRY IN 2 TO 3 HOURS!!!

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      Tile &Grout

      We offer a reliable, professional service that is guaranteed to achieve incredible results, restoring old tiles to their former pristine condition and transforming grout to the point where it looks freshly applied. If you have been seeking the most reliable provider of tile and grout cleaning Las Vegas can provide, then look no further. Our tile and grout cleani

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      Odor removal service

      At Roberto Carpet Clean, we understand that removing an odor requires first establishing the source of the odor. While there’s no doubt that unwanted odors can be rather unpleasant, they can also be hazardous; often, problematic odors are caused by issues such as bacteria, dangerous gases, allergens, and even hazardous material. As a result, we will first focus on identifying the underlying cause of the odor rather than simply attempting to remove the smell.

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      upholstery cleaning

      Modern life has a tendency to be messy, with furniture and upholstery stains a constant risk. If you are struggling with problematic stains that standard cleaning methods simply cannot seem to remove, Roberto Carpet Clean can help. We provide a trustworthy, reliable service for furniture and upholstery cleaning Las Vegas residents can rely on, with our expertise helping to guarantee great results every time.

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      mattres cleaning

      remove stains ! dry fast!

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