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Consumer's FAQ

Get answers to common Consumer's FAQ questions.

1. Why should I choose Markate?
Markate is on-demand Service Store, where only you and business provider decide on the price and the terms of the project, you need to be done. That means no middle men and no commissions. If you want your project to be done
  • quickly,
  • professionally,
  • reasonable in price,
go to Markate and post your job request. No more calling and chasing PROs. We are here to connect you with the right professionals.
2. What service providers are listed on Markate?
Business providers on Markate offer a wide range of services in residential and commercial sector, from cleaning and roofing to security services. You’re welcome to take a look at our Service Professionals.
3. How much does it cost to use the system?
It is completely free of charge. No hidden costs. Try out Markate Service Store today!
4. Do Service Professionals offer insurance?
On Markate you can readily see the credentials and customer ratings on profile page of selected PRO. You can go to the public page of PRO and check if he offers customer insurance and what is the amount of it. You’re also welcome to contact the Service Professional directly, if you have any additional questions or require more information.
5. Who guarantees that my job will be done?
Once you have confirmed the job estimate, it is you and your chosen business provider, who determine the terms and conditions of the job started. Please check public profile and professional credentials of business PRO beforehand. Consider asking following question to avoid future disputes or disagreements:
  • Could the price exceed the provided estimate? If yes, what does it depend on?
  • If my circumstances change and I would need to cancel my job after the work is started, will I have to pay for work? How much?
  • How will we handle any disagreements or disputes?
  • Do you need to get any permits on my behalf?
6. How many estimates will I receive?
Within a few hours, you will receive detailed estimates from professionals. The number depends on how many Businesses are working in your area and are available in the required period of time. You will be able to view PROs' reviews, contact information, business profiles with their professional credentials and ask for additional information. It could be 3, 5 or 20 estimates.
7. Am I bound to accept an estimate?
No. You will get several estimates from different business providers. Comparing estimates and business profiles of interested professionals will help you to choose the right professional for your project.
8. May I cancel the job, after I have already hired Business Provider?
Yes. If your circumstances have changed, you may cancel the confirmed job, notifying the chosen PRO about the reasons of the cancellation. Important! If you have already signed the contract with a PRO, first you need to check the terms and conditions in it. Our advice: always remember to read and understand the contract details before signing it to keep your rights protected.
9. May I contact Service PRO directly for additional information?
Sure, you can contact the Service Professional directly, if you have any additional questions or require more information.
10. How can I submit a review for provider, who has done my job?
Once the job is completed, you will be proposed to fill out our PRO review form. We encourage to rate and review the service professional after each job is done. Help other users to know what was particularly good or didn’t work out so well.
11. Will I get deals that I am interested in?
Once the job is completed, you will be proposed to fill out our PRO review form. We encourage to rate and review the service professional after each job is done. Help other users to know what was particularly good or didn’t work out so well.

Professional's FAQ

Get answers to common Professional's FAQ questions.

1. What is Markate Service Store and why should I join it?
Markate is a Service Store, that allows local Service Providers to grow their business by giving them access to local customers, who need professional help in their projects. Why join Markate? If you want:
  • get free Job Leads and be instantly notified once new job is posted, manage your own customers and set appointments,
  • send customized invoices and estimates with your own logo,
  • collect payments directly or using our Escrow System,
  • run deals and get featured and much more,
join our on-demand Service Store today. We are here to make your day-to-day business life simpler and more efficient.
2. How neighborhoods (or coverage areas) are formed on Markate?
Markate introduces a totally new approach to the allocation of business providers and customers, based on the population density and average distance. That what allows us to send you quality leads instantly. Take a closer look, to what neighborhood belongs your business.
3. What is the quality of job leads?
Job leads are shown to you based on the neighborhoods, you serve and types of services, you offer to your customers. It’s impossible to guarantee that all customers who place job requests are serious about completing their request. Markate is a free service store, where only customers and business providers determine the terms and prices. To maintain the quality of job leads, we are instantly working on our request form to give you as much details on the job request as possible.
4. Can I contact the customer directly for additional information?
Yes, sure. You can add your message to the estimate, asking for additional information. Or contact the customer directly, using communication method the customer prefers (email or phone).
5. What happens when my estimate is accepted?
Your estimate accepted? Congratulations! You got the job, based on the estimate you provided. Don’t waste time: schedule an appointment and start working.
6. I would like to send customized invoices and estimates. May I?
Yes. You can customize your invoices and estimates - upload your own logo, add additional message to the customer, add your custom Terms & Conditions, change payment methods for each invoice. Explore other options on Markate Pro Store.
7. May I use Markate to invoice and estimate my own customers?
Yes, sure. Keep your existing customer base in one place and while using our system, benefit from sending customized invoices and estimates, scheduling appointments with your own customers and much more. No limits on how many customers you can add and serve.
8. How can I collect payments from the customers?
It is up to you and your customer, what payment method to choose. You’re welcome to use our Escrow System or collect payments directly from the customers. There are no commission charges. You keep what you earn.
9. How can I promote my business on Markate Service Store?
You are looking for opportunities to increase your chances of getting hired? Go to Markate and run deals or get featured. Customers are always looking for best offers, so don’t miss your chance to give discounts and boost your online presence. Try out Markate platform and increase your loyal customer base.
10. I am always on the go. Can I still use Markate on my smartphone?
Even better. Download our app for Apple Device and for Android Device. Try out our app and practically run your business from your smartphone. Markate App is your personal assistant in a busy everyday working life, that will keep you up-to-date with the current progress of the estimates and invoices sent, will let you connect with the customers quickly and add new customers on the go.

General FAQ

Get answers to common General FAQ questions.

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