Upload, email and share Before and After photos from website

Upload and email Before and After job photos from the website ‘www.Markate.com’

Step 1: Login to your Markate account.

Step 2: Click ‘More‘ from the menu and then click ‘Before/After‘ from the lookup.


Step 3: Click ‘Add photos‘.


Step 4: Select an existing ‘Customer‘ from the drop-down or add a new customer by clicking ‘New Customer‘.

Step 5: Click ‘Upload Before‘ to upload photos prior job. Similarly, click ‘Upload After‘  to upload photos post job. You can also add some comments about the job.


Step 6:  Click ‘Send to Customer‘ to send the photos to the selected customer immediately or click ‘Save‘ to keep it for future reference.


Step 7: You can view the list of all Before and After photos by clicking ‘Before After‘.