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Top Kitchen Trends 2018


Kitchens always change and evolve. Some materials and styles become old and get out of fashion and we discover something new features and materials that speak to us today. What trends will be on top in 2018? Some of them may look a little familiar, but there’s also some surprises and twists in store…

  • Bare Minimalism

2017 saw a lot of open shelving, and 2018 is going to strip kitchens back even more. We’ll see pared-down spaces that get to the root of what is necessary and essential. They won’t be overly decorated, and cabinets, shelving, hardware, and lighting will be at a minimum.

  • Material Blocking

You’ve heard of color blocking, and this is a twist, with kitchens designed in bands, or sections, of different textures and materials.

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  • Two Tone Twists

In recent years we’ve seen a lot of kitchens with dark painted cabinets down below, and lighter cabinets up above. In a fresh take on that trend has divided the room in half by color: the tall storage and island on the left is a light grey-blue and the cabinetry to the right is all wood — an interesting, yet still cohesive, combination.

  • Wood Cabinets

The return of wood cabinets was almost inevitable, but, instead of the heavy, figured doors of the 1990s, today’s wood cabinets are either very modern or in basic rustic styles like the one above from Home Studio, which feel authentic and organic —as if they were born there. Together with the tile floor, the wood cabinets are the perfect choice for this minimal but warm space.

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  • Arcs & Curves

So much of what we see in kitchens is linear, so it’s refreshing to note some different shapes emerging. This is hardly mainstream, but it will be interesting to watch if and how the trend trickles through the market.

  • Modern Paneling

We’ve had our eye on this kitchen cabinet style for awhile, and think its versatile look adds clean architectural interest while still blending in nicely with whatever else is going on. It can read classic, traditional, or modern.


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