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Preventative Plumbing Maintenance


We bet, there is no such person, who would be happy to have a clogged sink, backed up toilet or flooded house. This is the reason of why you shouldn’t forget about proper maintenance of your plumbing system. These tips will help you to prevent major plumbing problems in your house, avoid expensive repairs and, at least, notice some possible issues at the beginning.

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Tips for Saving on Water Bill



When it comes to ideas about how to lower a water bill, everyone thinks of taking shorter showers and not letting the water run when you brush your teeth. But there are few more useful tips that will help you use water smartly.

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Plumbing Tips from PRO’s


Markate gathered professional tips and tricks for plumbers. Check out and make your daily work easier!

Caulk instead of putty

As you may notice, plumber’s putty damages some types of plastic, stains surfaces, tends to dry out, crack and allow leaks. Use silicone caulk instead. It is safer and longer-lasting sealant.  


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Tips for Choosing Commercial Plumbing Contractor Services

Tips for Plumbing Services

Commercial businesses, corporations and other commercial ventures often require the assistance of commercial plumbing contractor services. While people across the country have many choices when it comes to this type of contractor it is often best to take full advantage of any online resources that are available to make the selection process easier. Markate.comis a reliable resource for those in search of plumbing contractor services in cities nationwide. Helping business owners find the best commercial services in any given state, Markate.com makes hiring a contractor easy, affordable and convenient. This is comforting for businesses wishing to save money and reduce downtime.

Having A Roof Repaired To Having Flooring Installed

When it comes to commercial plumbing contractors in almost any city in the country, business owners have many choices. That is why it is always a good idea to take the time to compare contractors and the services that they offer. Markate.com is an outstanding resource that provides business owners with the ease and convenience of searching online for the best commercial services available. This ultimately saves businesses time and effort when it comes to hiring

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Plumbing Tips For Conserving Water And Protecting Pipes

With the cost of utilities on the rise homeowners are looking for ways to save money on water today more than ever before. That said there are easy and convenient methods of conserving water around the home. Saving money and conserving natural resources is easy and convenient when these simple tips are implemented each day around the home. For example, avoiding the excessive use of bleach, detergents and other harsh chemicals can serve to protect a septic system and maintain natural bacteria at healthy levels.Tips for Plumbing Services

Avoid Excess Watering During The Summer

Equally important is to consider the use of biodegradable detergents and biodegradable soaps. This is another way to keep a septic system functioning normally thereby ensuring that pipes do not become damaged and that clogs do not occur. Another great way of conserving water and protecting plumbing is to avoid the excess watering of landscaping during the summer months. From plants and shrubs to gardens and the lawn, overwatering can result in a lot of wasted water. One great tip for conserving water in this regard is

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