Share A Job!

Easily Share A Job with your sub-contractors, partners or friends and get a commission. To do so, kindly follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Login to your Markate account.
  • Go to More > Share A Job


A) Add Contacts

You need to first add contacts to share a job with them. For that,

Step 1:  Go to Contacts and click +New Contact.



Step 2: Enter Contact’s information and click Save. (You can also add a new contact group directly from here).


B) Add Contact Groups

You can club your similar contacts in a single group. Hence, you can share a job with multiple contacts in a single click. For that,

Step 1: Go to Contact Groups and then, click +Add Group.



Step 2: Enter a Group name and click Save.


C) Share A Job

Now, you are all set to share jobs with your contacts or Contact Groups. For that,

Step 1: Go to Share A Job and click +Share A New Job.



Step 2: Enter Job details.



Step 3: Click Save As Draft to keep it for future or click Preview and Send to share it immediately.

Step 4: On Job Preview, click Share Job.



Step 5: Enter Commission by Fixed ($) or Percentage(%). Mark To a Contact Group if you want to share with a group or Only to Certain Contacts if you want to share with particular contacts only. Then, click Share.




This is a sample on how your contacts will receive your Share A Job email:





Note: Your contact will be able to view Customer’s information once accepted the job.