Reports: Monitor your business activity.

Click ‘Reports‘ from the menu and go to the Main tab from left.



Reports Overview

Reports are divided into five categories: Popular Reports, Sales, Expenses, Estimates & Taxes.



  • Popular Reports:

  1. Monthly Closeout: This report displays the number of Estimates, Invoices, and Expenses along with Estimates’ amount, Invoices’ amount (invoiced, pending & paid) and Total Expense within the range you select from the time range filter.
  2. Yearly Closeout: This is similar to Monthly Closeout report. However, it comes with only two filters- This year and Previous year.
  3. Profit and Loss: This report displays the Revenue, Expenses and Net Profit within the range you select from the time range filter.
  • Sales:

  1. Payments type summary: This report displays the sales by payment method for instance- cash, credit card or check. It displays the month, payment method and total sales for the duration you select from the filter drop-down.
  2. Payments Received: This report gives the brief description of payments received by which customer, how and when. The report sorts out the customers along with their associated invoices, payment method, paid date and total sales.
  • Expenses:

  1. Expenses by category: This report displays the expense type for instance- Automobile Expense, Fuel/Mileage Expenses etc. and the expense amount which is resulted in monthly expense and finally the total expense for the duration you select from filter options.
  • Estimates:

  1. Estimates Summary: This report displays the estimates by Pending, Invoiced and Lost amount along with their percentages for the duration you select from filter options. Pending and % Pending summarizes submitted estimates which are not yet accepted by the customer, Invoiced and % Success summarizes estimates converted to Invoices and Lost or %Lost is about lost estimates.
  • Taxes:

  1. Sales Tax: This report displays the number of sales in the particular month, Total Sales, Tax Rate and Tax collected. This Tax Rate is the one you can see in the Invoices.


Report Filters

For each report, you can select a time range from drop down.



Note: You can export each report in .csv and .pdf format.