Personalize your invoices, send them and get paid

Impress your customers with professional and personalized Invoices. Upload logos, change boilerplate text and create the items you need.  Then, your customers can approve and pay you online.

To create new Invoice:

Step 1: Login to your Markate account.

Step 2: Click ‘Invoices‘ from the menu.



Step 3: You will be directed to ‘Invoices & Payments‘ tab.



Step 4: Click ‘New Invoice‘.



Step 5: Fill in all necessary information on the invoice form,  add items and select accepted payment methods. (You can add new customer directly from here by clicking ‘New Customer‘).



Step 6: Click ‘Save as Draft‘ to send it later or ‘Preview‘ to send it immediately to the customer.

Step 7: If you click ‘Preview’, it will direct you to Preview Invoice page with status as ‘Draft’.

Step 8: Click ‘Send Invoice Now‘.