How do I add a new Customer?

To add a customer, you have different options:

A) Add Manually from the web page,

Step 1: Click ‘Customers‘ from the menu.



Step 2: Click ‘+New Customer‘.



Step 3: On New Customer form, fill in customer’s information.



Step 4: Click ‘Save‘.

You can view customer list from My Customers.




B) Add Manually from your mobile device,

Step 1: Tap ‘ Customers‘ on home page.



Step 2: If you are adding your first customer then tap ‘+Create Customer‘ else tap (+) icon and select ‘Add Customer‘.



Step 3: Fill in your customer’s info and Tap ‘Ok‘ icon (Tick Mark on top right).




Step 4: A pop up will appear from where you can directly perform few activities for this customer like scheduling an appointment, creating an estimate, sending an invoice or creating a work order else tap ‘No Thanks’.



Now, you can view your customers’ list from My Customers



C) Import customers from your mobile device contact list,

Step 1: Tap ‘ Customers‘ on home page.

Step 2: Tap (+) icon and select ‘Import Customer‘.



Step 3: Allow Markate to access your contacts.

Step 4: Choose a contact from your contact list to be imported.

Step 5: Tap ‘Import Contact‘.



Step 6: Contact will be imported. You can still modify or add more info.

Step 7: Tap ‘Ok‘ icon (Tick Mark on top right).

Now, you can view your imported customer on your customers’ list.