Create Booking Form for your customers!

You can easily create a Booking form with Markate.

Step 1: Login to your Markate account.

Step 2: Click More > Add-ons > Booking Plugin



Step 3: Now you are on Booking Plugin page on Dashboard tab.

Step 4: Click Setup Booking Plugin.



Step 5: On My Services/Items tab, click +Add Category.



Step 6: Enter Category Name and click Add if you wish to add more categories else, click I’m done adding categories. Click +Add Service/Item under the particular category to add your services or Items.



Step 7: Click Continue

Step 8: On Time Slots tab, Click +Add Time Slot and enter your available time slots. Mark Day (Mon, Tues, Wed…) checkboxes for your availability. Also, select your Soonest Availability from the drop-down. Click Save and then, Continue.



Step 9: On Booking Form tab, go to ‘Customize form fields‘ section. Mark checkboxes for ‘Visible‘ and ‘Required‘ against ‘Field’ name as per your Booking form requirement. Also, use CAPTCHA. Customized fields will appear on the ‘Preview Form’.



Step 10: Click Save and then, Continue.

Step 11: On Settings tab, you can setup- Widget StatusAppointments per time slot



Step 12: From Website Integration tab, Copy iframe/Javascript code to your website and also, share Contact Page URL with customers or social sites to get bookings.



And, here is a sample Booking Form-