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Top Roofing Color Trends of the Year 2018

The roof of the house with nice window

For homeowners, 2018 color trends are all about standing out from the crowd. With more color options available than any other roofing type, metal roofing color trends set the tone for the latest in homeowner style preferences. And this year, it’s no time to be subtle.

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Top Kitchen Trends 2018


Kitchens always change and evolve. Some materials and styles become old and get out of fashion and we discover something new features and materials that speak to us today. What trends will be on top in 2018? Some of them may look a little familiar, but there’s also some surprises and twists in store…

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Top Things that Homeowners Neglect Every Winter


Usually, there are some things you do around the house regularly to help with upkeep and safety —you check smoke alarms, wash the windows and repair the chipped tile in the bathroom. But it might be that you still missing to do something? Here are 12 things that homeowners usually neglect to do every winter that they may regret when the spring is coming.

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Cold Weather Paving for Professionals


In cold weather conditions, only best contractors know how to make sure their operations are successful and how to ensure quality continues. Usually, quality refers to the degree of compaction achieved. It’s generally recognized that effective compaction is the single most critical variable in placing a quality asphalt pavement that will perform well for many years.

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Make Your Plumbing Survive The Holiday Rush

Santa Claus with a tool belt.

Christmas holidays are the busiest days of the year in many American kitchens. And, in fact, it is also one of the busiest days for plumbers. In the emergency plumbing business, garbage disposal and sink clogs are as much a Christmas tradition as Christmas tree or Christmas gifts. The entire holiday season can push some household plumbing systems to their limit, both from the surge in kitchen activity and the increased bathroom traffic from gatherings and overnight guests. But there is a good chance to keep your plumbing system in a good, stable condition if you use a few best practices and some light maintenance tips we will provide you with.

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