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How to Build a Kitchen Sink Base Cabinet


So, a kitchen sink base cabinet is basically a modified standard base cabinet without any shelves or drawers. This fact makes it the easiest kind of cabinets to build. A false front on the top of the face of the carcass is installed instead of a drawer because of the sink dropping down into the cabinet from the countertop. When you finish the cabinet and it will be installed, a set of cabinet doors can be built and mounted.

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Time Management For a Small Business


If you are a small business owner, managing time and appointments is a critical component for you. It can eat up a tremendous amount of your personal time. To succeed you need to make a proper staff scheduling, appointment scheduling, and long-term recurring appointments. We understand, that you also have a lot of other critical tasks to put your time into, for example, your quarterly taxes, or the actual business of running your business. This all brings you to question: how you can actually manage all those multiple tasks?

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How To Increase Productivity If You Are A Small Business Owner


If you are a small business owner you just need to play those incredible numbers of different roles. You have to be the social media guru, the scheduling expert, the IT wizard, and every other PRO to make your business successful. At the same time, such multitasking can negatively impact on your productivity.  It’s not such important you are a photographer, a dentist, handyman, or even a life coach. The problems are, actually, always the same. Here are some ways through which you can boost your productivity:

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Save Your Time Using These 5 Simple Accounting Tips


It’s a great thing to own your small business, but sometimes it can be really time-consuming. Did you know that more than 40% of small business owners say they don’t take vacations, and 40 say they don’t spend enough time with family and friends? However, 84 percent of these same small business owners say if they had the choice, they would do it all over again. So, what they really need is to find more time. There are many ways you can find more hours in the day by reducing time spent on accounting tasks. Here are 5 best time-saving accounting tips for small businesses:

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How To Invoice Clients To Get Results


You can be in a business for a very long time, and, actually, be a really invoice PRO, but, still, there will always be clients that you have to chase down. It takes time, can be frustrating, and can negatively impact on your cash flow. Use these 10 invoicing tips to get your clients to pay on-time.

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